I Got Hurt. Now What Do I Do?

Following These Two Important Steps Can Prevent Problems!

You're an office employee, factory worker or truck driver and sustained an injury while working on the job. Now what? What should you do next? Should you wait it out? Talk to your boss?

If you have been injured on the job, following these two very important steps can help mitigate potential problems and prevent the insurance company from rejecting your claim:

Step 1: Notify Your Employer Immediately After Your Injury. Don't Wait!

If you have been injured - even if you think it's minor - notify your employer right away. Workers' compensation insurance companies can deny your claim if you wait too long. If too much time passes, they may argue that your injury didn't occur at work at all and you should not receive benefits. The same should be done if you suspect an illness associated with your job.

Step 2: Consult With A Workers' Comp Attorney

You won't know the exact steps to take next and how to protect your rights without legal help. Your employer has plenty or parties working in its favor - you need someone on your side too!

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