Determining Weekly Wages In Your North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Case

An approved workers' comp claim typically pays out benefits for doctor visits, rehabilitation therapy and other medical bills. It also includes monetary compensation.

How much you can expect to recover for your injury and for how long, unfortunately, isn't as cut and dry as it should be.

Factors That Determine The Amount Of Weekly Workers' Comp Benefits

Determining how much a disabled employee can recover under workers' compensation depends on many factors, such as whether the employee has a temporary or permanent disability and whether the employee has a total or partial disability.

Unfortunately, it is also determined by which law is used. This is because the workers' compensation statutes outline different ways a case can be settled. Under the law, an injured party is entitled to select the law most favorable to him or her.

Why Getting An Attorney Is Important

You won't know how much you can pursue for your workers' comp injury until you seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer - one who knows the applicable statutes.

Your employer or insurance carrier will not tell you. And, without advocacy on your side, you may not receive the full amount if you agree to the settlement offered by the carrier.

And, given that most employees only receive a percentage of the weekly earnings they took home before the injury, making sure you obtain the largest amount you can is essential.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation For You

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