Why You Need An Attorney To Handle Your North Carolina Workers’ Comp Claim

You've likely heard of workers' compensation attorneys helping injured employees with the workers' compensation process. But if you're hurt at work, you may be wondering whether you really need one. If you contact your employer, won't they just take care of everything?

Unfortunately, no - and here's why.

Reason #1: The Insurance Company Is Not Working For You

Your employer has plenty of people working on its behalf: A legal team and workers' compensation insurance companies, adjusters and nurse case managers. They all protect the interests of the employer, are in business to keep costs down and avoid paying out claims. They are not there to look out for your best interests.

Reason #2: You Have A Higher Risk Of Being Rejected Without Help

Even if you trust your employer to do right, there are many intricate procedures and complex processes involved. Your claim, for example, could easily be rejected because you saw your own doctor before notifying your employer.

Reason #3: You May Not Receive The Maximum Amount Of Benefits

In many instances, injured employees do receive weekly monetary benefits for a workers' comp injury, but they may not be getting the full amount. Employees may be receiving less than what's owed to them or forced to pay for a medical expense that should be covered as a benefit - all without knowing.

Reason #4: Your Legal Fee Is The Same Regardless Of When You Hire An Attorney

Many injured employees worry about the cost of hiring a workers' comp attorney. This is understandable. At our firm, you pay nothing unless we recover. Plus, you pay the same amount regardless of whether you retain us today or months from now. It's a win-win situation.

Don't jeopardize your rightful claim to benefits or wait until a problem occurs - hire an attorney now! At Ken Wayne & Associates, our lawyers have handled workers' compensation claims for employees in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina, for decades. We only represent employees. Let us be the advocate for you!

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