It Is Illegal For Your Employer To Fire You For Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim

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Many employees who are injured at work are scared to notify their employer about what happened and pursue a workers' compensation claim because they worry about losing their job.

While North Carolina is an employment-at-will state, it is illegal for your employer to fire you in retaliation for filling a workers' compensation claim. It your employer fires you illegally, you may have a separate claim against your employer for wrongful discharge.

Protecting Your Job And Your Health

You should be aware that if you fail to file a workers' compensation when you are injured, or if you fail to follow the rules, your employer may find an excuse to fire you. Then you could find yourself without a job, without medical benefits and without disability benefits to replace lost wages. To protect your health and your job, it's important to take the following steps:

  • Report work injuries promptly.
  • Obtain medical care from an eligible provider.
  • Follow through on your doctor's treatment plan.
  • If you are offered a light-duty assignment, you are required to take it.
  • If you have dispute with your employer or a medical provider, don't get angry. Get legal advice. Let our attorneys resolve conflicts for you.

If your employer terminates your position for a legal reason, you can continue to receive medical care and disability benefits from workers' compensation. If you feel your termination was in retaliation for filing a claim, contact our lawyers for advice.

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