Selecting Your Own Physician In Your North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Case

Employees injured at work often wonder whether they can see their own doctor for medical treatment for workers' compensation purposes.

The answer often depends on the situation.

The Employer Gets To Decide - But You Have Options

Unfortunately, under North Carolina workers' compensation laws, the workers' compensation insurance carrier typically gets to select the medical provider you see for your work injury.

You do, however, have the right to request a change of the treating doctor if you wish. If the workers' comp company rejects your request, a medical motion can be filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission to obtain the substitution.

The insurance company also gets to select which medical tests and procedures are conducted that relate to your injury. The decision can also be appealed by filing a medical motion.

For these very reasons, hiring a workers' comp attorney as soon as possible is very important!

Why Hire Ken Wayne & Associates

At Ken Wayne & Associates, we have decades of experience guiding injured employees in Charlotte, Matthews, Monroe, Concord, Gastonia and throughout North Carolina, through the appropriate steps and filing the necessary motions and paperwork.

We have worked with insurance companies and the North Carolina Industrial Commission many times. We can help you!

Understanding Recorded Statements

In certain situations, insurance companies will ask claimants to make recorded statements about their injuries. If you have been asked, contact a lawyer first! Those conducting the procedure are professionals who are trained to ask for desirable answers that favor their side, not yours.

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