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A routine workday of unloading a truck or driving cross country could change your life forever. If you are an injured truck driver, do not waste time worrying whether or not you caused the trucking accident. Seek medical attention immediately and obtain legal help from an experienced workers' compensation law firm.

For more than 20 years, the law office of Ken Wayne & Associates has vigorously protected injured workers' rights. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience, and we are dedicated to helping clients obtain maximum compensation possible for lost wages and per diem payments, medical needs, and rehabilitative care.

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Putting Injured Truck Drivers First

Insurance companies devote ample resources to protecting themselves against workers' compensation claims. We are proud to represent truckers in North Carolina. Since 1994, the attorneys of Ken Wayne & Associates have exclusively protected injured workers, developing compelling legal arguments to protect injured truck drivers' future.

Attorney Ken Wayne is board certified as a workers' compensation specialist by North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He has decades of experience protecting the rights of injured workers in North Carolina.

Handling Complex Workers' Compensation Cases

We have extensive experience with complicated cases. For example, some workers' compensation claims have been denied because of allegations that truck drivers deviated from their routes. Our attorneys have been able to overcome these challenges by carefully reviewing the facts and the law, then presenting compelling arguments showing that the drivers were entitled to divert from planned routes for personal matters.

We often handle cases involving out-of-state accidents. Each state has specific workers' compensation benefits, with some offering greater benefits than others. When over-the-road drivers are injured, it can be hard to know whether they should file their claims in their home states or in the state where the accident took place. Employers often seek to have injured truck drivers file their claims in states with lower benefit levels. We know how to handle cases involving complex jurisdictional issues.

We are prepared to seek maximum compensation by holding at-fault third parties accountable.

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