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Office settings, factories, construction sites - you name it; it's likely an occupational setting. But, regardless of the place, one thing is certain - employees working in these industries are entitled to workers' compensation benefits in the event they are injured.

Handling The Workers' Comp Process For All Types Of Accidents

At Ken Wayne & Associates, we represent employees who have been injured on the job in all types of settings, including:

  • Construction site accidents where employees often work around heavy machinery or high up on scaffolding equipment
  • Office accidents where many employees are sitting in uncomfortable office chairs for long periods of time conducting repetitive wrist motions
  • Work-related car and truck accidents where employees may be operating heavy delivery truck equipment or driving company cars to perform work-related duties

Why It's Very Important To Contact An Attorney Right Away

If you have become ill or sustained an injury in any of these workplace arenas, it's important to contact an attorney right away.

The workers' comp process is extremely strict when it comes to what employees must do and when. Any slight delay in filing or failure to follow a step can bar you from recovering benefits.

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At Ken Wayne & Associates, our experienced attorneys know what needs to be done and when. We have handled countless cases for many years involving many different circumstances. We can help make sure nothing is missed.

Our fees are the same regardless of how long we represent you. You have nothing to lose.

Depending on the situation, you may be able to file a third-party claim outside the workers' comp system. Contact us to find out!