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Injured On The Job? Get An Attorney Now! Avoid Problems Down The Line.

Your employer has multiple parties working in its favor. Who do you have working for you?

You are injured while working on the job. You likely assume everything will simply fall into place. You will receive the right medical treatment and start receiving workers' compensation benefits immediately. Unfortunately, this isn't likely to happen.

Your employer has several parties on its side. Lawyers, workers' compensation insurance company adjusters and case managers are all working for the benefit of your employer. Who do you have working for you?

Why You Need A Lawyer

At Ken Wayne & Associates, we cannot stress enough the need to get an experienced workers' compensation attorney the minute you sustain a work accident, injury or illness!

Too many employees attempt to handle the claim on their own, but later find out that they:

  • Were denied benefits because of a pre-existing condition
  • Did not receive the right amount of benefits
  • Were wrongfully fired or demoted for filing a claim

Since 1994, our lawyers have handled thousands of workers' compensation claims for office workers, truck drivers, construction and many other types of employees in Charlotte, Matthew, Monroe, Concord, Gastonia and throughout North Carolina, and have all witnessed firsthand these very issues.

We can make sure they don't happen to you! We will work with your employer and everyone involved in the process. We will be your advocate to get you on the right track to collecting benefits.

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If you have sustained a back, neck, spinal cord or any other injury, contact one of our workers' compensation attorneys today! We have over 50 years of combined legal experience to protect you and make sure you receive the maximum amount of benefits under the law!

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